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1. Purpose
The main goal of this document is to specify MiTAC environmental specifications on green manufacturing and green products, and it should be the green procurement guideline for all MiTAC vendors.

2. Scope
(1) The requirements in this document apply to all MiTAC business units involved in their design, manufacture, assembling and purchase, including materials, parts, components, accessories, products, batteries, and packaging materials.
(2) The restrictions not covered in this document will be controlled in certain project.
(3) Due to rapidly changing of worldwide environmental regulatory and major clients’ green procurement, this document should be reviewed and/or revised every six months

3. Requirements on Materials
(1) Banned/Restricted substances or Reportable Substances for Products / Batteries / Packaging Materials / Manufacturing Process

EU: RoHS (2002-95/EC)
EU: Battery Directive (2006/66/EC)
EU: Packaging Directive (94/62/EC)
EU: PFOS Directive (2006/122/EC)
EU: Nickel Directive (94/27/EC)
EU: Azocolourants Directive (2002/61/EC)
EU: PAHs Directive (2005/69/EC)
USA: California Proposition 65
Halogen free
EU: RoHS 2.0
Other Restrictions on Materials
(2) Ecolabels
Swedish: TCO’05
German: Blue Angel
EU: EU Flower
Taiwan: Taiwan Green Mark
China: SEPA
Korea: KOECO
(3) EU: Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) of REACH
(4) EU: Annex 17 of REACH

4. Document Download for MiTAC Vendors
MiTAC vendors can download this documentation from the “Document Download” function of GP System on ESCM Portal

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