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3V哲学:Visibility (可視化)、Velocity (速度) とValue (価値)で企業の競争力を造り上げます。

苗豐強 Matthew Miau


Mr. Matthew Miau returned to Taiwan from the US in 1976 and founded MiTAC International Corp. (MIC) in 1982 which was one of the first few companies established in the Hsinchu Science Park. He has been the chairman of MiTAC Holdings Corp.(MHC) since the establishment of MHC in 2013. He is also the chairman of MiTAC Inc., UPC Technology Corp., Lien Hwa Industrial Corp. and Synnex Technology International Corp. and Chairman Emeritus of SYNNEX Corporation.

Matthew has been diligent working on the infrastructure and development of information technology and communication industry in Taiwan. He served as the convener of the Civil Advisory Committee of National Information and Communication Initiatives (NICI) of Executive Yuan (from 2001 to 2006). He has thus received many accolades as below:

  • 2018 Industrial Technology Research Institute Laureate
  • 2017 Taiwan Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity Council: the Outstanding Achievement Award
  • 2014 the 8th Pan Wen Yuan Award
  • 2013 Chinese Professional Management Association: the National Excellence Achievement Award
  • 2011 Chinese Society for Management of Technology: the Science and Technology Management Award
  • 2009 Kingdom of Belgium: the Commemorative Medal of the Reign of King Leopold
  • 1998 CommonWealth magazine: Top Ten Who's Who of Information Industry in Taiwan

In 1997, Mr. Miau published his book: Win-Win Strategy, which was honored with the 1998 Golden Book Award by the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs. In 2003, his other book, Win-Win Game, was published, exploring the development and management approaches for global enterprises referring to the MiTAC Synnex Group as a success story.

Mr. Miau earned his MBA at Santa Clara University, CA, USA and Bachelor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at U.C. Berkley. Before returning to Taiwan in 1976, he worked at Intel Corp. for the development of the famed 8080 microprocessor. Mr. Matthew Miau received his honorary doctorate from National Chiao Tung University in 2002.


何繼武 Billy Ho


Mr. Billy Ho joined MiTAC International Corp. (MIC) in 1985 and became MIC's president in 2000. During his 30-plus years' service at the MIC, Mr. Ho has taken on various roles, from pioneering the European markets development to serving as the President of the system computer business unit , the President for the MIC, trailblazing the mobile communication business and planning the company transformation. By the late 1980's, Mr. Ho propelled MiTAC to one of the top 7 computer brands in Europe, and in 2004, increased the navigation series products sales amongst the global top 3. In 2005 and 2006, MIC was named among “The InfoTech Top 100” by a US magazine Businessweek. Since the formation of MIC in 2013, Mr. Ho promulgated the establishment of MiTAC Computing Technology Corporation and MiTAC Digital Technology Corporation. He is now the Corporate President of MiTAC Holdings Corporation and MiTAC International Corporation and Chairman of MiTAC Computing Technology Corporation and MiTAC Digital Technology Corporation. Mr. Billy Ho earned his master's degrees in Computer Science and Global Economy at Fairleigh Dickinson University, USA.


林聰良 Michael Lin

President of MiTAC Computing Technology Corp.

Mr. Michael Lin joined MiTAC International Corporation (MIC) in 1989 as an R&D engineer. In 1992, he was dispatched to the most senior position in the technology service center in MiTAC's European branch to deploy the overseas technology support service network. In 1996, he returned to headquarters and took office as the R&D supervisor in MiTAC's system integration business and was later promoted to the Vice President in the client business unit in 2002. As the company grew and transformed, the computing business was integrated into the cloud computing business group with Mr. Lin being promoted to its Senior Vice President. In 2014, MiTAC's cloud computing business group was separated and became MiTAC Computing Technology Corp. in 2014, with Mr. Lin being the first Prisdent, while serving as the chairman for MiTAC Computer (ShunDe) Ltd.. Mr. Lin earned his B. E. at National Taiwan University's Electrical Engineering Department and EMBA at National Chiao Tung University.


張樂羣 Steve Chang

President of MiTAC Digital Technology Corp.

Mr. Steve Chang joined MiTAC International Corporation (MIC) in 1997 a junior electronics engineer. He went on to serve as a senior manager for MIC's mobile communication products business group and the Vice President for its product marketing center. As the mobile communication products business went from focusing on LCD computers and handheld devices at the earliest stage to the personal navigation age on a rapid rise, Chang was stationed in Europe as the President for MiTAC's European branch. Chang returned to the headquarters in 2012 as the head of the mobile communication products business group. With his solid expertise and global marketing experience, plus his comprehensive overseas management & administration background, Chang became proactive in planning and promoting business transformation and pioneering the dashboard camera product line, turning Mio into a leading brand of this field. In 2018, the mobile communication products business group was separated from MIC and turned into MiTAC Digital Technology Corp. (MDT) with Chang being the first President, while serving as the Chairmen for MiTAC Computer (Kunshan) CO., Ltd. Mr. Steve Chang earned his B. E. Degree at National Taiwan University's Electrical Engineering Department and EMBA at National Taiwan University.